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Hi April,

I wanted to thank you for re-arranging schedules last week, to have Jeremy be there on Friday.

I do appreciate that.

In talking with Jeremy, we have determined that we would want 2 more days of work.

There is a list of things that we would like to get done, along with some remaining Knob and Tube

work that Jeremy said he needs to finish.


I also wanted to say that my mother has been very pleased with Jeremy.  He is courteous, friendly and makes

her feel at ease.  We really appreciate that, and is a big reason that we keep coming back for more!!



We had an 80 foot oak tree come down in our front yard at 4PM yesterday … March 2nd. It ripped the electric service off our home along with phone and cable. We called Newington Electric  sometime after 5PM on Friday and spoke with April. She told us someone would be there at 9AM on Saturday morning. Much to our surprise your electrician arrived at 8:30. He surveyed the damage, called your office to say he could make a final repair not a temporary fix. He gathered supplies and made the service look as good as new. 
You hear horror stories about contractors not arriving on time, not finishing jobs, poor workmanship and the list goes on. Your electrician was great … he was here earlier than expected, finished a job that was supposed to be temporary, the workmanship was outstanding and he checked everything before he left. I am impressed … but not shocked. We have had you for service before and that too was a pleasant experience. 
Thank you for having a great company and great employees …  people are quick to be critical but I find few are quick to give praise. Your company deserves praise ….
Thank you 
Jim Barnes
111 Rogers Road 
Bristol CT

To whom it may concern, We had 2 tech come to our home on Tuesday Oct 20. This was am emergency for us. The techs were Jay and Phil both men were very professional and prompt. The problem was diagnosed and repaired quickly.The tech were very thorough we really appreciated their attention to detail. I highly recommend Newington electric to any one. Thank Susan Favreau 

25 Emmons Place New Britain CT 

Hi April!

Brandon and Norm were great - professional,  knowledgeable,  and courteous.  Thank you.

Mary Ann Fecko

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service call I had today with Joe & Norm.  They arrived promptly at 9:00—actually a little early—and got right to work after discussing what I wanted done.  They were pleasant, efficient, cleaned up after themselves, and got the job done quickly.  I had some concerns about some older outlets as I had shorts in two of them earlier this year.  They moved some furniture to make sure they checked all of them.  I’m glad I had this done as 11 of them had to be replaced as they were not grounded properly.  I have had service calls from two of your electricians on other occasions and have also been really pleased with your service.  You are a great company to work with.


Marcia Biase

Hi Ed,

Just want to let you know how pleased I am with my recent generator installation.

 You offer "turn-key" installations which is what sold me on going with Newington Electric. Unlike other vendors whose proposals would have forced me to schedule this, and me to meet with company X to discuss Y, Newington Electric did it all.

 Bruce, from the start, was courteous, considerate, knowledgeable, and stuck with the timetable all the way. When he said something would happen, it did, and right when he said it would. He is an exceptional project manager.

 Ben and Joe were also excellent. Polite, neat workers who knew their jobs and went about it in a clean, straightforward manner. I especially commend Joe for taking the time during the initial fire-up to both answer my (many) questions, and to insure I was familiar with the operation of the unit to my satisfaction.

 So once again Ed, please extend my thanks to all who participated in this installation, and thank you again for providing a truly professional service.

Mike Graziano

Hi Bruce,

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the basement of my house watching as Joe & Neil shut off the main circuit breaker to my standard Home Electrical Panel. Naturally, the room went dark, but a few seconds later, when I heard the unmistakable clunk of the GENERAC Board (thank God the guys warned me about the sound beforehand !!!!) and the lights came on, I had a grin from ear to ear and felt like a thousand pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

After losing power for a week at a time during the past two consecutive years, and of course going through the aggravation of not having water, heat or refrigeration as well, my wife gave me an ultimatum about getting a generator or the distinct possibility of bodily harm! Fortunately, I made the right decision an called Newington Electric.

The whole purchase experience has been quick, informative and most of all easy. Jimmy, besides having a great personality and sales technique (he would have made a good “SHAM-WOW infomercial guy),  is extremely knowledgeable about the GENERAC  Product Line and Electrical Service in general. He answered all our questions and did it in terms we could understand. I also liked the way he responded to questions about your competition, never knocking or down-grading them, but explaining why he felt GENERAC was a better product. The product choice was relatively easy, but the fact that your installation covered everything from the Propane Supply & Hook-up through Connecticut Propane, the landscaping/pad installation, all necessary electrical work, and most of all the required Town Permits, made our choice a no-brainer.

I’d really like to compliment your installation team, Joe & Neil  (I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember the third person involved) for a job well done. Once again, they were extremely polite, prompt, knowledgeable, clean and their workmanship / finished product was outstanding.

Obviously, I don’t ever want to go through another power outage of any duration, but if we do, I feel totally confident that the choices we made with GENERAC and Newington Electric will pay us dividends for years to come.

Thanks again for all of your help and a job well done,

Brad Wyse

Scott and Eric who finished up the job on the hottest and most humid day of the year. Also Jon for a quick and efficient. The guys arrived as promised and continuously worked till the job was done. It appeared to be a professional job in all aspects. We are very much satisfied.

Thanks again 
Dale and Family

Dear Mr. Ingalls,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your assistance with the recent build-outs in DPW. Your stewardship and attention to detail are very much appreciated. Because of the remarkable response time to our many recent requests, the offices that were moved, reconfigured or newly formed were fully functioning in record time. Everyone exhibited an extraordinary amount of enthusiasm in tackling the requests which brought quality, structure and focus to each task at hand.

We are fortunate to have an individual who can work independently and oversee such projects with assurance that it will be done well. It is indeed our good fortune that you were able to help us in our time of need.

James T. Fleming 
State of Connecticut 
Department of Public Works

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your letters to Trane, Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc. And Newington Electric. I would like to extend a personal thank you to you and your staff for the many hours of coordination required getting the chiller and generator into place. Your patience was recognized again as you explained to “non-engineers” what was occurring and why. Because of the professional efforts of RCMS Controls, Trane, Grodsky and Newington Electric, Department of Labor lost only two half days of work.

I reiterate your saying “Job well done!”

Donna L. Baisley 
Assistant Administrator 
Facilities Management, DPW 
State of Connecticut

Dear Rod,

Just wanted to say that the 2 men -Louis and Mike that you sent out to my condo this past Friday 6/9 did a great job. And the best part was that any small mess they made they cleaned up!!

Joann Arcata

Mr. Ed Ingalls

I have never written to a company complimenting them for a job well done but here goes.

Thursday October 4th a crew from your company arrived at my house in South Windsor to upgrade my electrical system. They did a fantastic job!

The electrical inspector upon completion of his inspection said and I quote “That’s the BEST I’ve seen in both equipment and work,” the young men on the job site wre polite and a pleasure to watch work. They left the site spotless when they finished.

Mr. Ingalls you should be very proud of this crew they did a great job representing your company.

Ron & Gert

I had to call your company for a circuit breaker emergency tonight.  I was so worried about the price and being treated unfair like I have been so many times, being a single female not having a clue about what was going on.

I was pleasantly surprised your worker came in 20minutes took 20 minutes to fix it and the price was reasonable and he only suggested I change the breaker in the future as opposed to making me feel obligated to do it then as if that was the only solution.  I will change it soon and definitely with your company.  Joe your employee was very courteous and friendly.  I was so relieved after it was fixed.

A good employee can carry a business a long way.  He represented Newington Electricity with integrity. In this day in age that can be a rare commodity.

Thank you, 
Jaclyn Pinney
I will definitely use your company and recommend you in the future

Hi Bruce,

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that Joe D did a great job this morning with the installation of the interlocking switch for our generator.  Joe was prompt, polite and clean. He explained things to me clearly and made sure that I understood everything before he left. I am very happy with the job he did.

Thanks again,

Larry Dorsi

Town of Newington Police Department
April 21, 2004

Dear Mr. Ingalls,

On behalf of the Newington Police Department, I would like to personally thank you for your generous contribution to the D.A.R.E. program. Your donation has helped provide 5th grade students in Newington with the most current classroom materials and graduation gifts offered by D.A.R.E.

The tremendous response by your organization and others throughout the community has helped carry on the tradition of the D.A.R.E. program in Newington. The opportunity to work with our children toward preventing or reducing drug abuse and violence is invaluable. Without donations from our community this chance to work with and guide our young people might not be possible.

You are to be commended for your support and enthusiasm which helped make this year a huge success. Thank you again for your generous contribution.

D.A.R.E. Instructors
Detective Michael Morgan
Detective Michael Webster

My name is Eric March Jr. I have had the honor of serving my country under the leadership of the United States Marine Corps, and I just wanted to say thank you for funding the Memorial Day commercial.

I am truly touched. In that Newington Electric has demonstrated an appreciation showing that they and their staff truly care about the men and women of our military. Sometimes I ask myself, do we as a nation have American pride anymore? It’s not often, that we as Americans show a true appreciation for our freedoms. Living in the greatest country in the world, I for one truly love this country for which it stands. America is about a people who care, and because of you, I continue to be motivated to do the same.

Not everyone realizes what our service men and women do in this big world, while we American civilians get to sleep and live protected, in the comfort of our homes. Our country’s veteran deserves the utmost respect.

Watching your commercial has lifted my spirits. For that I thank you, and truly am appreciative.

God bless America and its troops, and God bless all of you at Newington Electric.

Once again, thank you.

Eric R March Jr.

Dear Ed, just a short note to praise your organization and staff. On New Years Eve we had a problem and CL&P ‘dropped the ball’- Your guys, Scott and Attila could not have been more helpful or professional under difficult circumstances and on a holiday. My family and I are very grateful for the service and support.

John Droney


In this day and age, it is common to hear complaints about service, but it is not very often that someone takes the time to let you know about a pleasant experience.

I want to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate your professional staff and the work that they performed at our home.

We recently purchased a 50 yr. old house and were not sure if we needed an overhaul to our electrical system, or just needed it updated. We called Newington Electric and had Rod come out to our house and he looked at our existing system and told us that we only needed our panel updated. We really appreciated the fact that he did not try to sell us something that we did not need, but gave us a true estimate of what we actually needed.

The staff that came out to perform the job were very professional, timely, and tidy, not to mention trustworthy. The fact that we left our back door open and instructed them to let themselves in and lock up when they left, relieved a great burden of one of us having to take time off from work to be t here when the job was being done.

All in all, I want to thank you for a job well done, your professional staff, timely work and most of all, being able to trust a company that will provide professional service and provide only the service that is actually needed, and not try to sell you something you don’t need.

We will be sure to recommend your company to anyone in need of electrical work. I am a Newington native and it is nice to recommend another Newington native! (I went to school with you - remember Center School? - we used to sit on the back steps at recess and talk about how we were going to buy Harleys! -I actually bought one after all these years!)

Karen Duponte Stasaitis
Jerry D’Amato

I would like to take a few moments out of my day to commend both April and your service department for your amazingly fast and efficient service.

Last Friday, at 3 minutes before 5:00, I called Newington Electric and spoke to April. I told her we had a hanging fixture in our show- room that wasn’t working, even though we had tried several bulbs. She responded that Monday or Tuesday, someone would stop by. That was fine by me. Would you believe someone was here before 8:30 AM this (Monday) morning, and, before you knew it the fixture was fixed (It needed its wiring re-tied).

I think both April and the electrician deserve a glass of champagne raised in their honor!

Thank you

Dear Mr. Ingalls

Your firm recently completed a job at our home by increasing service to 200 amps, installing a new board in the basement (switching from fuses to circuit breakers), installing electric heat in our sunroom, and replacing our exterior security lights.

I wish to congratulate your firm for the excellent work. When the Town Building Inspector checked it over and approved same on 4/11/03, he told me that this was one of the best and cleanest jobs he had inspected. And then when the CL&P meter-man came to reinstall a meter, he came to my door and asked who did this work, as he was also impressed with the quality of workmanship.

Over the years we have had many different electrical contractors do work at our homes, and this by far was the best job. Your firm has an excellent reputation, and when we decided to have this work done, I stopped by your facility and requested a quote. This was the only quote that we requested and I considered it fair and told your foreman, Jack N. to proceed.

Continue the good work.

Harold & Doris Whiting

To the wonderful staff at Newington Electric,

From the moment I arrived home on Good Friday and saw the huge fallen tree in my yard and realized all the power lines to my house were severed; I knew I was in trouble. However, as soon as I called Newington Electric positive things happened. My heart fell when I reached an answering service, but she had barely hung up with me when my phone rang and Jon F. cheered me up. Beyond having a technician at my house in less than 1 ½ hours, he even made me laugh. Atila was competent and friendly, even though he’d already had two very long days. After his work was complete, Jon was diligent in contacting CL&P to make sure my power was ultimately restored. He even called me the next morning to make sure all was well. Please feel free to use me as a reference because I will give your company and staff glowing reviews!


Dear Mr. Ingalls,

Just a note to commend and thank everyone involved in your company for obtaining a replacement generator for my home.

John Fillie is an absolute credit to your company. He has been outstanding in personally dealing with me and genescic also. Scott, Charlie and the entire service department have always been prompt and professional wherever called upon.

Killingworth is quite rural, and as a woman, I worry about power failures in the winter which would compromise my heating system leading to broken pipes. NEC has given me great confidence to avoid such situation.

Mr. Paul Bowman of Diversified Builders in Cheshire originally recommended your company to me. I am so glad he did. It is a combination of great management and service that make a company a winner.

Thank you again,
Jan Bagwell

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